Nexus increases Scrum slightly

Nexus increases Scrum slightly

There are companies that use Nexus to scale their software and product development. Nexus is a framework based on Scrum that uses an iterative and incremental approach to develop products. Nexus is based on the Scrum Framework and increases Scrum slightly. Let’s see why Nexus is based on Scrum and what the steps are to start a Nexus.

Nexus is based on Scrum

A Nexus works within the limits of a Sprint (30 days or less), as in Scrum. In addition, it can also happen that teams work on different Sprint lengths; the important thing is that they have a common denominator.

Moreover, teams must deliver their increment at least at the end of each Sprints. It is easy to start using Nexus; however, to use the Nexus Framework it is crucial to have Scrum experience. In fact, organizations that have expertise with using Scrum will be able to benefit from their existing  knowledge.

How to start a Nexus

As it happens with Scrum, Nexus alone isn’t enough for success, but it helps drive to the heart of the scaling issue. In fact, it helps to continually identifying and removing dependencies that are created when complexity increases.

In addition to using Nexus, organizations should establish and promote technical excellence as a foundation for growth.

To start a Nexus, companies should first identify the teams in their Nexus. Then they should create an initial Nexus Integration Team and have a single Product Backlog. Finally they need to have a definition of “Done” and identify a cadence for their Sprints.

Keep in mind

To adopt the Nexus framework it is important to understand how it works and what the differences are between Scrum and Nexus. Finally, to manage large and complex product development projects it is also crucial to know what the steps are to start a Nexus.

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