Nexus Sprint Review and Retrospective

Nexus Sprint Review and Retrospective

The Nexus framework is based on Scrum. It helps companies to scale software and product development. In fact, it helps organizations to develop products in a faster way by reducing costs. Let’s analyze in depth two Nexus events: Nexus Sprint Review and Retrospective.

What is the Nexus Sprint Review?

The Nexus Sprint Review is a meeting that is organized at the end of each Sprint. It helps to obtain feedback on the Integrated Increment that a Nexus has built over the Sprint. Basically, what happens is that all individual Scrum Teams meet with stakeholders to review the Integrated Increment.

It is crucial that the Scrum Teams of a Nexus deliver this review together. In this way, they can present the fully Integrated Increment of work for feedback. Moreover, the Product Owner continues to see Product Backlog during the development phase. In fact, the Product Owner has to be sure that the right information is shown to the people involved in the meeting.

The result of the Nexus Sprint Review is a revised Product Backlog.

What is the Nexus Sprint Retrospective?

The Nexus Sprint Retrospective is a formal event where representatives from each Scrum Team meet to identify shared challenges. Afterwards, each Scrum Team organizes individual Sprint Retrospectives. Finally, representatives from each team meet again to discuss any actions needed based on the challenges shared during the first meeting.

The Nexus Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Nexus Sprint Review and before Nexus Sprint Planning. Given the size of a Nexus, visualization techniques can be helpful to track items and progress.

Keep in mind

It is important to remember that the Nexus Sprint Review replaces the individual Scrum Team Sprint Reviews. In fact, the entire Integrated Increment is the focus for capturing feedback from stakeholders. In fact, techniques may be needed to maximize stakeholder feedback.

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