The characteristics of Nexus Daily Scrum

The characteristics of Nexus Daily Scrum

Nexus helps companies to scale software and product development. In fact, thanks to this framework organizations are able to develop products in a faster way by reducing costs. As the Nexus framework is based on Scrum, it can be useful to understand what are the differences between Scrum and Nexus. Let’s analyze the characteristics of Nexus Daily Scrum.

What is the Nexus Daily Scrum?

The Nexus Daily Scrum is an event during which Scrum teams meet in order to inspect the current state of the Integrated Increment.

This is a brief meeting that happens before individual Daily Scrum meetings take place. It is important to consider that not everyone needs to attend, but the right representatives from the single Scrum teams have to.

It is also an opportunity for teams to inspect cross-team impacts and dependencies. In fact, they can use this time to reflect on their perception of the work. In addition, the representatives involved can analyze the dependencies among the teams. This will help to raise transparency.

What is the purpose of the Nexus Daily Scrum?

The purpose of Nexus Daily Scrum is to make integration issues clear, at least on a daily basis. In fact, teams that inspect the state of the integrated work are able to plan precisely the work to be done.

The teams use the Nexus Daily Scrum to inspect progress toward the Nexus Sprint Goal. In fact, Scrum teams use this meeting as an opportunity to adjust the Nexus Sprint Backlog by working together. During every Nexus Daily Scrum, the Nexus Sprint Backlog has to be adjusted to reflect the current status of the work of the Scrum Teams within the Nexus.

Keep in mind

The output of the Nexus Daily Scrum becomes the input of the individual Daily Scrum meetings. In fact, all Scrum teams use issues and work that have been identified during the Nexus Daily Scrum in order to plan their work.

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