Body language shows our feelings and emotions

Body language shows our feelings and emotions

An old saying says “Actions speak louder than words”. Body posture, movements and position of different body parts, play an important role in showing our feelings and emotions. This is still true even when we do not display our emotions voluntarily.

Body language in public speaking

Body language is an essential part of public speaking success. In fact, it can make a difference between a nice talk and a great one. This is why people who give a presentation in public have to pay attention to this crucial aspect.

In fact, the body can be an effective tool for adding emphasis and clarity to a speaker’s words. It can also be a powerful instrument for convincing an audience of a speaker’s sincerity, passion, and commitment. For instance, an audience will not trust a speaker who stands stiffly before the audience during the entire speech, not moving or even looking at anyone as she speaks.

Audiences base their judgment of a speaker and the speaker’s message on what they see as well as upon what they hear. A speaker’s stance, facial expressions, hand gestures, effectively the movement of the entire body, communicate more to an audience than actual spoken words.

Use body language to release nervous energy

Body language can also help release stress. Displays of discomfort through nervous habits distract the audience.

Speakers can harness this nervous energy and use it to contribute to their message instead. Movement attracts and keeps an audience’s attention.

Whereas, a stationary speaker is more likely to lose the audience’s interest.

Keep in mind

In general, if you are particularly nervous, it might be helpful to assume a “power pose” for a couple of minutes ahead of time. In fact, there are proofs that show this simple posture can have a postural feedback effect, making you feel more powerful and confident internally. This will help you to give a memorable speech.

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