Use a mind map to organize your speech

Use a mind map to organize your speech

There are several techniques that you can use to organize your speech. For example you could use a mind map.

What is a Mind map?

A mind map is a diagram that represents an individual’s random thoughts on a particular subject. It is used to describe relationships among pieces of the whole. In general, a mind map is a simple way to brainstorm ideas naturally without worrying about order and structure.

It allows you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall. The purpose of a mind map is to discover what will be included in the speech and when it will be mentioned.

How to create your speech easily and quickly

At the beginning you need to know that in a mind map, the main topic is printed in the center of the page and is circled to stand out. Ideas about how to organize a speech are recorded in squares around the main topic. The squares are linked to the main topic with lines. Remember that important points about those ideas are added.

In addition, on a separate paper create a mind map for one of the ideas. The idea is in the middle of the page surrounded by specific elements of that idea. For instance, the specific elements connected to the “Outline” idea would be “Intro,” “Body,” and “Conclusion.” Keep the mind map free of mess. Use a separate paper to record direct quotations or other extra material. Connect the extra material to the mindmap using asterisks, numbers, or color coding.

Keep in mind

A disorganized presentation or speech is less effective than an organized one. In fact, in that case an audience is focused on trying to create order in the presentation instead of paying attention to the speaker’s message. Use organizing tools to create presentations anche speeches that attract and keep the audience’s attention.

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