Scrum relies on transparency

Scrum relies on transparency

Scrum relies on transparency. It is important to notice that transparency does not occur overnight, but is a path.

The importance of transparency

Transparency makes visible the progress of work and team.

As a result, when the team achieves its goal, people who are responsible for it can be identified and appreciated for the work.

Transparency should encourage everyone to strive and collaborate for the common goal.

Transparency of the artifacts

The Scrum Master must work with other roles such as the Product Owner, Development Team, and other parties to realize if the artifacts are completely transparent.

In fact, the job of the Scrum Master is to work with the Team and the organization to increase the transparency of the artifacts. Usually, this work include the activities of learning, persuading, and influencing.

Scrum artifacts give key information about the product and development work. Decisions to optimize value and control risk are based on the detected state of the artifacts.

If transparency is complete, these decisions have a firm basis. Whereas, in case artifacts are not transparent these decisions can be defective. In fact, value could decrease, and risk could rise.

The Scrum Master inspects the artifacts

The Scrum Master is the person who coaches the team to enhance the transparency of the artifacts. At the same time, the Scrum Master is not the owner of the artifacts.

What the Scrum Master does is to spend time in noticing incomplete transparency. He (or she) inspects the artifacts, listens to what is being sad, and discovers differences between expected and real results.

These methods help to manage incomplete transparency. In addition, the Scrum Master helps the team use the most suitable procedures in the absence of complete transparency.

Keep in mind

Having the opportunity to increase transparency of the Product value and the progress of work will help to decrease project risks.

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