communication in program management

Communication in Program Management

Communication is the act of moving information from one person to another. We communicate in everything we do. In fact, we cannot avoid communicating with others.

Communication is a critical tool in managing programs. In fact, to communicate effectively, program managers must know really well the communication process.

The communication process has three main elements:

  1. Sender
  2. Channel
  3. Receiver


The sender is the person who initiates the conversation. In fact, it is the person who has conceived the idea that he (or she) intends to convey to others. The sender encodes the message by using certain words or symbols, signs, etc. to translate the idea or information into a message. The quality of encoding depends on the sender’s knowledge, skills and background. After completing the encoding process, the message is ready to be sent to the receiver through the communication channel.


The communication channel is used to transfer a message from one person to another. The sender chooses the medium through which he (or she) wants to communicate his (or her) message to the receiver. In addition, the choice of medium can depend on many factors such as the urgency of the message, the relationship between sender and receiver, and the sender’s style.


The receiver is the person who receives the message. He (or she) tries to decode the message in the best possible way. In fact, the goal is to achieve the communication objective. Moreover, the level to which the message is decoded depends on many factors such as the receiver’s knowledge of the subject matter and experience. In addition, the level of trust and relationship between the sender and the receiver can have an impact on the communication effectiveness.

Keep in mind

Finally, once the receiver has received the message and interpreted it correctly as it was intended by the sender, he (or she) can send a feedback to the sender.  The feedback allows the sender to know the efficiency of his (or her) message.

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Francesco has extensive experience as a project, program and portfolio manager, project management officer (PMO), digital transformation and strategic consultant. He is also considered a communication, public speaking and leadership expert.

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