the meeting to improve

The Sprint Restrospective, the meeting to improve

The Scrum Team is a self-organized team that constantly looks to improve its way of working.

What is the Sprint Restrospective?

The Sprint Retrospective is the final event of the Sprint. In fact, it occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning.

It represents the moment when the Scrum Team inspects its way of working in order to identify potential improvements.

The meeting lasts three hours for one-month Sprints. For shorter Sprints, the event is shorter.

What happens during Sprint Restrospective?

The Sprint Retrospective gives the Scrum Team the formal opportunity to understand what went well and what needs improvement. The team inspects how the last Sprint went in terms of people, relationships, processes, practices and tools.

In fact, during this event, the team discusses:

  • What went well during the last Sprint?
  • What did not go well during the last Sprint?
  • What is the commitment for improvement in the next Sprint?

Moreover, the Scrum Master ensures that the event takes place. In addition, he (or she) verifies that participants understand the purpose of the event. This is the opportunity for the Scrum Team to improve and all members should attend.

Moreover, during this meeting the Scrum Master pushes the team to improve its development process to make it more effective and pleasant for the next Sprint.

During the Sprint Retrospective the Scrum team creates plans to improve its processes by paying attention to product and organizational standards. By the end of the meeting, at least one high priority improvement is identified to be added to the Sprint Backlog of the next Sprint.

Keep in mind

The Sprint Retrospective gives the Scrum Team a formal opportunity to focus on inspection and adaptation. This is an opportunity to discuss the processes and motivate each team member to share their opinions. This event is about improving the way the product is built. Basically, it helps the team to inspect and improve the practices to develop the product such as coding, testing, integration etc.

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