Business agility

Business agility to maintain a competitive edge

Business agility is a very important ability for a company. In fact, it helps companies to maintain a competitive edge over competitors over time.

Business agility helps organization to adapt and succeed in the digital era by providing customers with innovative and  technical solutions.

Evolving gradually

To implement an agile approach from scratch, it is vital to do the work gradually.

For instance, the change process can be treated as an agile project itself. In fact, the product backlog can contain all changes that could be introduced. Afterwards, these changes are prioritized by the team according to the different considered elements and aspects.

Moreover, each change can be tested for a short period of time to determine its applicability or whether there is a need for further consideration.

Adopt the right practices 

To obtain business agility it is important for a company to adopt some modern practices such as Agile, DevOps, Lean and so on.

To be able to continually deliver high-quality value it is necessary that all units of the company work together. In fact, they have to collaborate to deliver great product faster than competitors.

Create a culture of learning

Creating a culture of learning is really helpful for creating a positive and healthy environment. In addition, this type of culture provides employees with the right tools to grow the company’s business.

Companies have to choose to sacrifice short-term objectives in order to obtain results over the long term. They should constantly encourage people in the company to continually increase their knowledge, competence and performance.

Keep in mind

Business agility provides companies  with the ability to identify and capture opportunities more rapidly than their rivals. To do this, an organization should be able to rapidly evolve strategy, structures and business practices. In the end, building business agility helps to deliver better financial results.

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