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How to select the right topic for you speech

Before writing a speech you need to select the right topic. It can be difficult to find the best topic for your audience. In addition, it can also take more time than expected.

To select a topic for your speech you can consult two general sources of information: personal experience and reference material.

Personal Experience

The more personal involvement, interest and enthusiasm you bring to a speech, the more likely your audience will respond positively.

In fact, personal experiences cause you to deliver the speech with conviction, because the subject is part of your daily life.

Here are a few examples of personal topics that will generate ideas:

  • Interests: Sports, hobbies, travel, entertainment, values, and goals.
  • Career: Business processes, ethics, investments, or retirement.
  • Family: Ancestors, child-rearing insights, marriage, or traditions.
  • Education: Study habits, achievements, memorable teachers, and subjects.

Reference Material

You can find an unlimited amount of ideas on the Internet. You also can visit your local public library.

In fact, you will discover a great deal of inspiration in:

  • Websites: Media sites, university research, medical sites, etc.
  • Books: Reviews of various genres, possible re-writes, analysis, and theory.
  • Magazines: Economic trends, human-interest stories, discoveries in science, and entertainment.
  • Newspapers: Current events, opinions, editorials, travel, and advertisements.

Pick the best topic for your speech

Then you need to understand which of your ideas are the most appealing to your audience. At this stage you need to follow your instinct without spending hours dwelling on it.

When you review your list of ideas may be one topic just comes out naturally. So then you can start writing your speech.

However, if you are struggling to make a decision, the suggestion is to create a high level speech with bullet points for each of the topics you have found. This can help you to find the best topic for your audience.

Keep in mind

Finding the best topic for your speech can be difficult. Luckily, there are techniques you can apply to help you select a great topic with a minimum of effort.

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