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The Sprint Review, the informal meeting

What is the Sprint Review?

The Sprint Review is an informal meeting held at the end of the Sprint. This meeting lasts four hours for one month Sprints. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter.

During this meeting the Scrum team shows to the Product Owner and the stakeholders the Product Backlog items that have been completed during the Sprint, according to the Definition of “Done”.

The Sprint Review helps the Scrum Team to align with the stakeholders. In fact, it is used to gather feedback and foster collaboration between the two parties on what to do next.

In fact, in this moment the Scrum Team and the stakeholders inspect the increment. They work together to identify the next valuable things to do. In addition the Product Backlog is adapted if needed.

What emerges from this meeting is useful to the next Sprint Planning. In fact, the result of the Sprint Review is a modified Product Backlog that defines the probable Product Backlog items for the next Sprint.

What happens during Sprint Review?

During Sprint Review, the product development is examined and adapted between the Scrum Team and other stakeholders. This is a chance for the Scrum Team to see other sides of the development.

The Product Owner explains which Product Backlog items are “Done” and which are not. He/She talks about the Product Backlog. In fact, at any moment, it is possible to summarize the total work remaining to reach the objective.

The Product Owner compares the amount of work remaining with the amount of work remaining at previous Sprint Reviews.

The Development Team discusses what well during the Sprint, what problems have been experienced and how they have been resolved. The discussion is about business and product issues and lack of coherence between the items. This helps to add more transparency to the process.

Keep in mind

No one leads or controls the meeting.

The Scrum Master ensures that the event happens. He/She ensures that the attendees understand the objective of the meeting and educates them to keep the meeting within the timebox.


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