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Agile processes have tranformed PMOs

Agile processes have created new ways of thinking about Project Management, which impact Project Management Organizations in various ways.

Traditionally, a PMO focuses on implementing basic project management processes, introducing basic tools, and supporting the professional growth of competent project managers. Moreover, the PMO can support management to make decisions about which projects to execute according to their business value.

Agile processes have also changed how the PMO carries out its responsibilities.

The Traditional PMO

An organization can have distinct offices called:

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Program Management Office (PgMO)
  • Project Portfolio Management Office (PPMO)

A Project Management Office focuses on making projects successful. Whereas, a Program Management Office focuses more on the success of programs, rather than projects. Even if, PMOs and PgMOs operate on different scales but have similar responsibilities, a Project Portfolio Management Office is different. In fact, a PPMO focuses on optimizing portfolios of projects to achieve business goals.

The Agile PMO

The introduction of Agile processes does not change the roles and responsibilities of PMOs, PgMOs, and PPMOs. In fact, they continue to provide the same value to their companies as they have done in the past.

Agile PMO provides the same value as any other type of PMO. In fact, it continues to define processes across an organization. It also provides expertise and promotes excellence in the planning and execution of projects.

In addition, the Agile PMO also supports a different set of Agile processes. These processes have an impact on the daily operation of organizations, by transforming practices in the various Process Groups.

Keep in mind

To manage projects that are affected by rapid change in business needs, high uncertainty around requirements and the effort required to implement them, it is necessary to develop Agile processes. As a result, these factors have imposed a shift from efficiency to flexibility and risk mitigation.


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