keys to company success

OPM and OPM3, keys to Company Success

Studies report that there is often a gap between strategy and projects in many organizations. Basically, what often happens is that projects do not meet strategic objectives of the company.

Organizational project management and its maturity is built on a structure of projects, programs and portfolios moving from a stage of standardization, measurement, control and continuous improvement. OPM3 represents one of the models available to measure the maturity of a company in Project Management (OPM). OPM and OPM3 are keys to company success.

What is OPM?

Organizational Project Management (OPM) is the management of projects, programs and portfolios in order to achieve the strategic goals of a company.

Basically, the organizational project management is based on the idea that it exists a link between the expertise of a company in Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management and its ability to implement the defined strategy effectively.

What is OPM3?

OPM3 stands for Organisational Project Management Maturity Model. It represents the industry standard for companies for which project management must be a strategic competency. OPM3 measures the level of maturity of an organisation in Project Management.

Basically it is used to determine how well an organization is conforming to the OPM. In fact, by using OPM3 a company can discover which best practices and capabilities it does and does not have.

OPM3 measures, assesses and suggests improvements. This assessment creates a premise for deciding whether or not implement improvements in specific areas. In fact, it helps organizations, that want, to increase their organizational project management maturity by suggesting a plan for improvements.

Keep in mind

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has developed the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3). OPM3 helps organizations in assessing and understanding their current level of organizational project management maturity (OPM), and if they want, help them plan an improvement pathway to become more mature and obtain business improvements


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