In Search of Excellence Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies

Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies

“One of those rare books on management that are both consistently thought-provoking and fun to read.” ~Wall Street Journal

In Search of Excellence has long been a must-have for the boardroom, business school, and bedside table.

This book is based on a study of forty-three of America’s best-run companies from a diverse array of business sectors. In fact, In Search of Excellence describes eight basic principles of management that made these organizations successful. These principles aim to:

  • stimulate action
  • involve people
  • maximize profits

Moreover, this phenomenal bestseller features a new Authors’ Note, and reintroduces these vital principles in an accessible and practical way for today’s management reader.


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Francesco Pecoraro

Francesco has extensive experience as a project, program and portfolio manager, project management officer (PMO), digital transformation and strategic consultant. He is also considered a communication, public speaking and leadership expert.

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