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Sprint Planning kicks off the Sprint

Sprint planning is one of the events of the Scrum Framework. This event kicks off the Sprint. It can last a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint. For shorter Sprints, the event can be shorter.

The purpose of this meeting is to determine the Sprint plan and set a Sprint Goal. In fact, during the meeting the team selects Product Backlog items to forecast the work for the Sprint. The team creates a definition of what to do with a modifiable plan.

The outcome of the Sprint planning are:

  • a Sprint Backlog that contains Product Backlog items
  • a flexible plan to deliver the items of the Sprint Backlog
  • some items to improve the process

The all Scrum team members gather for the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting the Product Owner introduces the Product Backlog items that are already refined. Therefore, the Development Team decides the items from the Product Backlog to move to the Sprint Backlog. As a consequence, once all items for the Sprint have been selected the Scrum team creates the Sprint Goal.

The purpose of the Sprint Goal is to keep the team focused and to give guidance when trade-offs have to be made. The Sprint Goal is the objective of the Sprint that guides the development team while building the next product increment. Moreover, all the tasks for the following Sprint should be aligned with the Sprint Goal.

Whereas, the Sprint Backlog is a forecast of the functionalities to deliver in the next Increment and the work to deliver them. It also includes at least one high priority process improvement. Basically, the Sprint Backlog is a plan with enough detail of the required work to meet the Sprint Goal.

Keep in mind: the Sprint Planning ends when the timebox expires or when the purpose of the event is achieved.

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