The Voice of the Customer

The Scrum Product Owner is the Voice of the Customer.

The ideal Product Owner is the person paying for the product and generally speaking it is a business-facing person. It is important that he/she understands the market, product, business and any constraints involved.

The role requires strong inclination towards a collaborative style of product development.

She knows all features and functionalities to implement on the product and their priorities.

She continually works with the Development Team to make them understand the product needs and get the most out of their work.

The Product Owner is the ultimate authority on what the Development Team should work next. Anybody wanting to change backlog items’ priorities must address the Product Owner.

Keep in mind: The Product Owner role is very demanding with significant responsibilities. This is a full time role.

Francesco Pecoraro

Francesco has extensive experience as a project, program and portfolio manager, project management officer (PMO), digital transformation and strategic consultant. He is also considered a communication, public speaking and leadership expert.

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