Agile approaches use servant leadership

Agile approaches use servant leadership to get the most out of project teams.

In general, a servant leader works tirelessly to develop his or her team and is focused on what they can do for others.

A servant leader thinks in terms of the needs of the team rather than his or her personal career growth. 

He will consider the success of his team as his success and will strive for that goal. 

He consistently removes obstacles that impede the growth of his team and facilitate smooth functioning by providing all the necessary resources. 

He/she will be motivator inspiring people to choose tasks they are most passionate about.

Keep in mind: The values of Servant Leadership match well with the Agile philosophy. In fact, Agile is about empowerment, interaction, collaboration, trust, and self-organized teams.

Francesco Pecoraro

Francesco has extensive experience as a project, program and portfolio manager, project management officer (PMO), digital transformation and strategic consultant. He is also considered a communication, public speaking and leadership expert.

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