The Stage-Gate for managing Portfolios

Portfolio Managers use the Stage-Gate process for managing Project Portfolios. 

In the Stage-Gate process, each phase (stage) is divided by a decision point (gate).

It can be applied across the entire project life cycle. It is important to define conditions for passing through a gate. 

In fact, at each gate a cross-functional team evaluates the project status against the pass/no-pass conditions.

So, active projects within the portfolio are subject to the Stage-Gate control process. Each gate will have a set of metrics by which projects will be evaluated.

Keep in mind: Portfolio Managers review each project at each gate before making a go/no-go recommendation to the governance council.

Francesco Pecoraro

Francesco has extensive experience as a project, program and portfolio manager, project management officer (PMO), digital transformation and strategic consultant. He is also considered a communication, public speaking and leadership expert.

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